Amsterdam Complexity School on Climate Change

The Amsterdam Complexity School on Climate Change (ACSCC) is a one-week event where early-career researchers and non-academic stakeholders come together to work on interdisciplinary projects around climate change using complexity science as the backbone.

The complexity school will feature lectures, tutorials, and panel discussions by researchers, policymakers, representatives of NGOs, activists, and others. The primary focus of the workshop is for participants to collaboratively tackle challenges related to climate change. These can span the entire range from highly abstract modeling to solving a concrete problem such as designing a specific intervention or campaign. Project ideas are proposed on the first day by both researchers and non-academic stakeholders. The participants will work collaboratively on these projects throughout the week. While the most typical output of these projects will be research papers, we also encourage other forms of output, such as strategy papers, campaigns, or communication tools.

Workshop Dates:

  • April 29th to May 3rd 2024


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